P.E.A.C.E. of Mind


P.E.A.C.E. of Mind is a healthcare institution that was recently started in October 2017 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We specialize in care for the elderly in the later stages of their life. We try our best to provide the same nurse each time to develop a personal relationship. We make sure every client is taken care of and we strive to make every experience enjoyable when they are with us. The technology we use allows us to keep the whole family informed and gives them updates on their loved ones. Through doing this, we are able to give everyone a P.E.A.C.E. of Mind.


We offer two services: medical advocacy and transportation to and from the doctor’s office. The medical advocate is a registered nurse with an active license. The nurse picks up the client if they would like and they go with the elderly to the doctor’s appointments. While they are in the appointment they do three things: take notes, interpret and relay the information to the client, and help schedule follow up care. Once the appointment is done, they ask the client if they would like to share the information with the family. If given authorization, the nurse sends the information to the client’s family members. If need be, after the doctor’s appointment, we will assist our clients in picking up their prescriptions. If they don’t need to pick up prescriptions, we drop them off at their house and check in to see if there is anything else needed.


There are three needs that need to be addressed. The first need comes from elderly patients not understanding what goes on in doctor’s appointments. Most elderly patients leave the doctor’s office more confused than when they walked in. The second need comes from the elderly relying on family members to assist them. Most family members have a job and are managing their kids on top of their parent. They don’t have the time to take them to their appointments. The third and final need is to help with the re-admission rates of hospitals. Elderly can often times go to the Emergency Room due to something preventable. This can often incur additional expenses amongst hospitals and cost the client more money for something that could have been avoided. P.E.A.C.E. of Mind hopes to fill those needs because these are issues in the healthcare industry that need to be addressed. We believe we can do this effectively and in an inexpensive manner.